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Solartron Metrology® is a world leader in precision dimensional and position measurement transducers & instrumentation. Solartron Analogue & Digital Gauge Probes and displacement transducers are renowned for their accuracy and long life in shop floor applications world-wide. Linear Encoders offer accuracies to 0.4µm with measuring ranges to 100mm.

Solartron Digital Probs

Spring Push or Pneumatic Push Digital Gaging Probes In a conventional ‘pencil’ probe the tip pushes outwards under the influence of an internal spring. When installed in a fixture a mechanism is frequently required to bring the probe into contact with the piece part being gauged. In contrast, pneumatic operation allows the number of moving parts in a fixture to be reduced, resulting in improved reliability and reduced fixture costs. It also enables fast and safe automatic loading of components into a gauge when required.

Replaceable nylon tips guard against surface damage, although for measuring hot glass, for example, tungsten carbide tips can be fitted. Various diameter ruby tips are also available. Optional woven steel braid covering on the cable provides additional protection for applications where down time is critical. For the ultimate low force, Feather Touch probes can be supplied with no spring at all (Suffix---/F). Forward and return strokes are activated by pneumatic push/vacuum retract, but adjustment of air pressure allows all gauging probes to have identical tip force, constant over the entire stroke. If the gauging probe is mounted vertically (tip at the top), retraction is by the dead weight of the moving parts, eliminating the need for vacuum.

Gaging with the Digital Probe: While the Digital Probe is superior to the LVDT / Half Bridge gaging probe, standardisation against a setting master in the traditional way is recommended. This provides security against any long term drift or error caused by expansion/contraction of the supporting fixture or machine. The performance figures quoted include all mechanical errors within the probe head together with any errors in the electronics interface modules. Absolute measurement: The Solartron Digital Gaging Probe is an absolute measurement device: when switched 'on', it returns to the correct output regardless of movements during the 'off' period.

Solartron Digital Level Probs

The Lever Gage Probes can be mounted in any attitude relative to the intended use. It can be mounted via the use of 8 mm peg or industry standard dovetail mounting blocks, or clamped directly into a 9.52 mm mounting hole. With a measurement range of 500 microns and repeatability below 0.15 micron, the Digital Lever Probe can be easily integrated into measurement systems using Solartron’s Orbit® Network. Solartron’s new Digital Lever Probe has been conceived for the precision measurement market. This probe is ideally suited to applications where the use of axial measuring probes is not possible, and where a low tip force a high number of probing points are required. Its simple design and exceptional reliability result in a reduced of ownership without any reduction in performance. Given its digital output, the digital lever probe easily lends itself to connection to a PC, PLC or to Solartron’s digital readout, and can coexist with a multiplicity of other Solartron or non-Solartron sensors on a single network.

Measuring Range 0.5 mm
Resolution Programmable to < 0.01 μm
Tip Forces down to 5 g
Excellent Repeatability
Compact SizeDirect Reading in mm/inch

Solartron SI 3500

The New SI 3500 Controller is an instrument specifically designed to operate with Solartron’s gauging transducers operating on the ‘Orbit’ network, this plug and play instrument features an intuitive, menu-driven colour display which can be programmed to set limits and to record other parameters intuitively. Powered from a 24 Vdc source, the SI3500 can used to display a single transducer reading, computed results from two transducers such as A, B, A+B, A-B, (A+B)/2, (A-B)/2, and computations with constants, for example angle measurements. Full set up is made via the IP65 protected front keypad that can, if required, be password protected. The SI3500 also features discrete inputs/ outputs and a selection of analogue outputs in the form of 4-20mA or DC voltage.

Solartron SI 7500

The SI 7500 is a multi axis-metrology display that directly connects to a Solartron Metrology Orbit network and accepts up to sixteen Orbit Module inputs; such as Digital Probes, Linear Encoders and Analogue Input Modules. It features intuitive visual displays, helpful audio cues and user defined formulas. The SI 7500 also reports dynamic Min/Max measurements, provides SPC analysis from an integrated database and offers connectivity to PC’s and other peripherals.

Multi-application fixtures: An LVDT gaging probe provides its best performance close to its null point, requiring dedicated fixtures for each size of component being gauged. In contrast, the Digital Probe can be used at any point over its entire stroke. This permits different sizes of component to be gauged in one fixture.

Orbit® Measurement Systems

Solartron Metrology’s Digital Products and the Orbit® Network combine to provide a complete dimensional measurement and data acquisition system. In addition to interfacing Solartron’s own products, the Orbit Network can also host a variety of third party sensors. Orbit is comprised of controllers and modules, these are used to perform measurements as well as some control functions. The modules and controllers can be networked together to form a highly versatile plug and go measurement system. Each module is identifiable through a unique address to simplify the data acquisition task especially in large multichannel networks. Orbit can be hosted in a PC using the Orbit network card or the USB interface module, it can also be connected to a PLC via the RS232 Interface Module. There is also a range of Solartron’s proprietary Orbit digital readouts which can in turn plug into a PLC.

Block Probes Gage Family

Block Gages makes precision measurements of bores and cavities a simple and reliable process. More generally, the use of these devices is recommended in applications where space is limited and where the use of axial probes is not possible. The family of universal gauges includes 2 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm measurement ranges, the 5 mm unit is used in most gauging applications and the 10 mm unit is designed for applications requiring a longer range. The 2 mm unit is a miniaturised version in length, height and thickness and is recommended for applications where space is very restricted. The block gauges are available in LVDT, half bridge or digital variants, and offer unrivalled ruggedness, accuracy and repeatability. All three units are extremely versatile and provide datum surfaces and all the adjustments required for precision gauging applications.

2 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm Total Measuring Range
Repeatability: < 0.25 μm
Compact size 2 mm unit
Digital, LVDT and Half Bridge
Pneumatic or Spring Actuation
Adjustable Anti-rotation Guide
All Stainless Steel Construction
Large Range of Changeable Tips
IP65 Protection
Good linearity over the full measuring range High Accuracy
Traceable calibration

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