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Universal Concentricity Gages
Accurate and reliable measurements are a key factor in today's competitive manufacturing environment. Universal's patented Concentricity Gages offer precision and accuracy through its measuring roller systems, which have proven results in a variety of industrial applications. We offer more than 45 different model configurations, and a variety of components with indicator positions from all sides and angles to meet your measuring specifications.

Specialty Gaging Solutions
Universal Gaging Division has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality runout and concentricity gages for the machine tool industries supporting Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Defense, Electronic, and Medical businesses for over 40 years. We strive to continually create new products and always be attentive to the needs of our customers. We are committed to providing precision and excellence in all of our products.


New Storage Carrying Cases Available

The Concentricity Gage Cases are designed to protect your investment by providing a sealed moisture barrier plus storage security with dual latch locking system. This design includes double wall construction with a high-density polyethylene Foam liner protecting the gage.

• Double Wall Construction
• Dual Locking Latches
• Sealed Barrier
• Protective Foam Liners


New Universal's Pro-Modular Gaging System

Universal Pro-Fixture Series is an adaptable and versatile gaging system made out of high-tensile, plated aerospace aluminum. Fixtures of all kinds and sizes can be assembled quickly using single components chosen from the large variety available. Modular design and extreme flexibility facilitate the adaptation to many different tasks in quality assurance for mass production, pilot production, tooling and prototypes. Outstanding quality standards, proven functionality, cost-effective solutions - with these advantages the Universal Pro-Fixture Series™ system sets a new benchmark in measuring and clamping technology.

Universal Pro-Fixture Series provides gauging systems from simple bench top stations to multi featured measuring devices. Our products include gage design and build, standard modular gaging components and optional data collection systems. Direct gage interface options include:

• Inductive Gage Sensors
• Vision Systems
• Displacement Sensors
• (LVDT) Linear Variable Displacement Transducers
• (SPC) Statistical Process Control
• Laser Scan Micrometer


NEWS on LED/CCD Optical Micrometer

• High-speed linear CCD and telecentric optical system
• 2400 samples/second high-speed sampling
• Repeatability of ±0.06µm
• Maintenance - free LED emitter and design (no laser diode or motor)
• High performance controller with statistical analysis
• Controller with target viewer available for easy setup

Breakthrough technology intelligent optical micrometer with 0.01-micron high resolution, 2400 samples/second high speed

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